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Take back the tech 2017, BiH and region

Over the past ten years within the “16 days of activism”, Foundation One World Platform has implemented activities related to the global Take Back the Tech campaign.

„16 days of activism“ versus a violence against women is a global campaign, started in 1991. It is created by Women’s Global Leadership Institute sponsored by  Center for Women’s Global Leadership. During the campaign against gender-based violence 1st of December is marked as the World AIDS day, 6st of December – anniversary of the Montreal Massacre and 10th of December – International human right’s day.

Take back the tech is global online campaign who invites users of informational and communicational technologies, especially women and girls, to take back the tech, and to throughout this process, they demand and achieve the right to define, approach, use and shape ICT.

In all these years, the OWP team has planned, shaped and implemented  TBTT campaign by involving a large number of organizations and individuals, regardless of the involvement and the level of knowledge and use of ICT. Different forms of participation for organizations and individuals, depending on the level of  their knowledge and expertise in using ICT, make this campaign interesting and accessible to everyone. This year wasn’t an exception.

History of movement against the gender-based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina

This year’s TBTT campaign slogan is „Revisit to resist“. The whole campaign is based on collecting materials used over years in the fight against the gender-based violence.

TBTT kampanja ove godine odlučila je da dokumentuje historiju pokreta za okončanje rodno-zasnovanog nasilja.

TBTT kampanja ove godine odlučila je da dokumentuje historiju pokreta za okončanje rodno-zasnovanog nasilja.

OWP team has invited everyone who is engaged in gender-based violence in the region. The team shared a call to collect artifacts such as T-shirts, stickers, badges, flyers, audio and video footage, posters and similar artifacts that activists have used in their campaigns.

Women’s room Zagreb, Sarajevo open center, Foundation CURE, Organisation OKVIR, Associated women of Banja Luka, Sassja and students of journalist section of The sixth elementary school in Mostar lead by a teacher Alisa Trbonja Kahriman sent us their artifacts.

Those artifacts represent the struggle of all of us. Posters, fliers, stickers, everything we collected will be located in the Museum of the Movement, along with other materials used across the globe in the fight against gender-based violence. Feminist memory is important because it tells us how women that came before us fought, what were their biggest struggles. Also, the past is teaching us how to fight in the future.

Various activities and artifacts have marked the battle we fight for equality and security of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and throughout the region. If we are guided by the fact „In young people the world remains“ then this video, which we received from students from Mostar, is the most important thing in the fight against gender-based violence which you will see today.

The video was taken by students of journalist section in The sixth elementary school Mostar in November 2017. The students and their teacher sent us the video.

Sassja, young and energetic singer from Tuzla, gave us rights to use her song „Stube“ in this campaign. The premiere of the video for this song was also part of „16 days of activism“ (2017) conducted by the Organisation Vive žene.

In the battles we fight for women rights it’s very important that public figures recognize our problems and give us their support. Thank you Sassja.

Organisations from Sarajevo showed us how they fight against gender-based violence:

The Foundation Cure has been active for years. They cover all segments of women’s action and their struggles in public space as well as in private life.

One of the most interesting projects is the Festival “Pitschwise”, whose primary focus is female art and activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The partner organization of Foundation Cure is The Sarajevo open center (SOC). These are just some of the materials SOC used in their fight against gender-based violence.

SOC led Campaign against the sexual harassment during „16 days of activism“.

The struggle run by associations and foundations that advocate for women’s rights is a struggle for all women because all women are equal. The important role in the fight for equality has Organisation Okvir. This organization recently launched „Kvir-archive“ about the life and activity of LGBTIQ people in the history of BiH.

From October 2016, the Association started working with LGBT * IQA people and activists from BiH and the region to document personal stories and memories of war, gender, sexuality and security of LGBT * IQA people.

They have begun the process of documenting personal stories about mutual relations, solidarity, action and resistance to war and ethnic-nationalist policies and practices in the war / post-war society in BiH and region.

These personal stories have been excluded from official narratives and are completely invisible to the public and to the LGBT * IQA community in B & H and wider, and therefore excluded. When they started to work on this archive, they set two central questions: How did the LGBT * IQA people survive the war? How did LGBT * IQA people show resistance during the war?

You can find digital stories, documentaries and personal stories on the archive’s website.

Our friends from Banja Luka also joined our TBTT campaign.

Recently, their association, along with the Women’s Rights Center Zenica, made a promotional video whos main purpose is to encourage reporting violence against women.

16 dana aktivizma i materijali iz Udružene žene Banja Luka 2017

Our neighbors from Zagreb showed us how they are fighting against gender-based violence in Croatia. The center called Women’s room deals with women’s sexual rights. They sent us different artifacts.

The center also uses cellphone suitcases and badges to send the important message:

Women’s room video about gender-based violence:

One World Platform is grateful to all our partners who provided us the material and showed that  fight against gender-based violence is not useless and that joint efforts can achieve positive practices in the prevention of violence against women.

Memory is resistance, and we will make the future better and safer for all women.

You can see our material here:

10 years of movement “Take back the tech” Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are happy that movements from BiH and region will be included in the museum of the Movement devised by the Take Back the Tech campaign.

Erna Ključić, One World Platform