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Internet as a communication tool, shown through people of Bosnia and Herzegovina experiences

I love Internet, and I don’t consider it as something that’s damaging to my life. I even met my future husband with the help of it. 😀
Alma (29)

Internet is a medium that has undoubtedly influenced my life and I understand it primarily as a tool that is greatly simplifying our lives. I think that the Web today is a very important tool for promoting human rights and freedoms through various forms of education and access to information. One of the strengths of Web is that it is available to everyone, I meant about countries where there is no censorship of the Internet, if any :). A things that I consider important, and we reached them through Web evolution, is the protection of user privacy which leads to the possibility of a totalitarian surveillance of states through the Internet control.
by Amila

We are all more or less aware that social networks are controlled, in Bosnia and Herzegovina perhaps to a lesser extent, but I think that is just a matter of time before Internet users control will be considered as something “normally”. I don’t believe mainstream media because I consider them as mercenaries of powerful politicians in their countries who robotically copy from each other what they suggest to them. For now, Internet is the only place where the “cloned” news can be read from a different points of view, and thus they can give a second insight into global events. The information so getting help me to find out the real truth behind the various “curtains” that are placed by our, as well as world leaders.
by Inga

I think Internet is extremely important for activism, although a lot of people think that online activism can not be subsumed under activism, but I disagree. Practice has shown, that in the past social protests in BiH, Internet was a treasure for informing people, publishing the latest news, help in general … I think that just needs to be more and more exploited, and that’s one of the main Internet resources we can all benefit. It will never be possible to scope, or control the Internet and I think the Internet should be based on open source, to some form of solidarity. I think it should be a place where we should share what we think we can share with others, whether it comes to music, literature, film, or other intellectual knowledge .. I am for full liberalization of download and upload, and free flow of information without censorship by those who could pull it off, like some repressive state apparatus. Unfortunately, Internet safety, especially when it comes to women and marginalized groups, is very questionable. Internet bullying, pedophiles threat, exposure in general, these are all very dangerous things, which, however, can be overcome by education. As in other fields of life, education is the key!
by Masha

Internet helped me because it facilitated the work I had to do so it achieved time savings, hinder me not. What I’d like to change is that not everyone writes what he/she whatever comes to mind, and if someone wants to write it has to prevent anonymity. Everyone should stand behind their opinions.
by Necko

I was born in 1991. and Internet, as a means of communication, I began to use in 2005. First I used the social servers for exploring and entertainment, such as mIRC. After that I realized how powerful the Internet is. For the first time I downloaded songs and images, used Google as a means of finding very interesting things.
by Nina

Internet has to be open, free and accessible to all, without censorship.
by Sanela

I began to use forums, where anonymity allowed me to consider my own views of the world, go into discussions with people who were different age and experience, while in the same time not being subjected to risk my safety or being recorded as a public advocate of a certain attitude or ideologies. For growing up and testing my own views of the world this was an important moment, a moment that today’s generations don’t have since the new social media ignored the option of anonymity, and made full disclosure of the identity, habits and life as desirable. Internet anonymity is something we have to educate our children about, if we do not want make their views ideas, and actions from their adulhtood as a mark, following them for a lifetime in some kind of archives that can be pick up, if necessary. We, who had this freedom of anonimity are the only ones aware the range of such freedom. That’s why we have to learn about that, those who hadn’t experienced it.
by Zdom

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